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Totally losing the fashion battle

And I simply NEED to have a camera hanging off my neck at all times.

Today we woke up at 9am sharp. Coincidentally, that is the starting bell for her hugely expensive pre-school. We were only a little late but the price for rushing around? I didn’t get to vet the outfit. So, she wore striped tights, denim shorts, an appliqued t-shirt, a fur vest, pink sparkly sneakers, and a miner’s light on her head. They must think she comes straight from the insane asylum every day. I suffer the whole “don’t discourage individuality” self-loathing battle in hopes of a sliver of normalcy. Frankly, I don’t even know why I bother. That kid hasn’t got one hott shot at normal.


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I hate late

I’m am in no way, shape, or form a difficult spouse. It’s true. I’m very accepting of SugarDad’s quirks and I go out of my way to support him in any way I can. I figure that this marriage is the only one I’m ever going to have so I give it real effort.

I cook. I do all the shopping for anything that comes into this house ie food, clothing, furniture. I process it all to go out of the house. I do all the cleaning – including all the ironing because SugarDad likes the way I do shirts better than how the cleaner does shirts. I handle all insurance issues and all things Sunshine related. I do a shit ton around this joint.

All I ask is that he’s on time. And not for everything; just for appointments.

We had an appointment in Boston. I booked it, reminded him 3 times with emails to work, and made sure the car was gassed and ready to go. I had a snack prepared for Sunshine, her sitter was here, and I was ready to go. He was 20 minutes late. And when he rolled into the house, he had to tinkle AND spend 5 minutes in his office doing god knows what. WTF?

So, we got to spend an hour in the car together – me seething and him aggravated because I’m aggravated.

And, he won’t apologize. Later today he’ll call me and say he doesn’t like it when I’m mad at him. I’m thinking that this is the time I don’t forgive him. This is the time where I tell him I’m up to my eyebrows with the one motherfucking thing I ask of him. Seriously? Seriously?!

The last time we had a big brawl it was over time. I’ve explained it a zillion times. I’ve explained that it’s a common courtesy and I feel like I’ve earned that. I ask one thing and one thing only so what does it say about him, me, us that he won’t be on time?

But can you just see the court documents?

My lawyer: Thank you, Your Honor. The Petitioner asks the court for dissolution of the marriage in reaction to more than a decade of missed appointments, late fees, no show fees, and must plain aggravation. She has quite clearly explained this situation to her soon to be ex-husband innumerable times and she is, quote, sick of yelling into a hole in the ground, endquote.

Judge: Would the Respondent like to offer anything?

His lawyer: Um, Your Honor, he should be here any minute …

Yeah, so, I feel stupid being so mad about this one issue but honestly – it makes me nuts. And he knows it. And he continues to be late anyway.

I’m so aggravated. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

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